Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spanish guns WIP and Fish!

This is the latest unit painted so far; a Spanish artillery battery converted and painted from HaT's 1805 French artillery set. Again, They are French figures, so have French belts and sabre-briquets, which strictly speaking, Spanish gunners shouldn't have. I will get the Kennington figures one day, but until then these will do.

Only WIP pictures, because I've stuffed them up using the remains of my Army Painter Strong which is now too strong after almost completely drying up in its can over the summer. The dregs were too dark and the result makes the figures look more like chimney sweeps; all detail has been obscured. I'll try and resurrect them before posting more pictures.

The conversions I made were to build up the small French plumes to make them larger Spanish ones, and a head conversion for the ammunition carrier using the head in a forage cap from Lancier Bleu.

Also shown are a couple of pictures of the denizens of the Melbourne aquarium, to which the kids and I went with friends last week. Very spectacular, especially the underwater walkway through the sharks and rays etc.
The gunners
Ammunition carrier head conversion
Gunner with extra plume
Loader with extra plume
Ventsman with finger-stall
The crew on their unpainted base
With gun
Penguin keeping cool in the Australian summer
MASSIVE Murray cod. Handsome chap, too.

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