Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Westphalian WIP #3 - Command Figures

These are the command figures of my Westphalian procrastination project. 

After the hurdle of the flags (see previous post) I have struck another bump as these figures don't have the tunic with plastron that the rank and file have. Instead they're wearing a surtout. I can't find any references that show what a Westphalian officer's surtout looks like, so I've made an executive decision to make my own version!

Rather than paint the plastron like I did when I struck the same problem with my Italians, I've given them white coats with dark blue piping, which I think looks rather dashing! Also not sure about plumes, so I've gone with a white-over-blue combo with white pom-pom.

The colour-bearer has had the moulded plastic flag and eagle removed and replace with a short length of piano wire, which I've attempted a free-hand candy-cane spiral. Not sure if I like it, though. Once the flag is attached, it'll probably look better.


  1. Your "own version" looks very nice! A great work!

  2. I frequently take that course of action and bedammned to historical accuracy.

  3. Very dashing indeed! I'm an advocate of the principle that if in doubt then make it up, especially if it reaps such splendid results as these.

  4. There are looking good there and the flag pole looks very good and cant wait to see it with a flag on it.

  5. Excellent decision Rosbif. I think they look wonderful.

  6. These look great Ben and it's good to see your Northern Italians on Hat's 'Everything Toy Soldiers'. By the way, Hatblogger is seeking feedback about possible 1/72nd Naploeonic releases. Suggest that all who are interested take the opportunity to 'vote'.


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