Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Veliti de la Guardia - Granatieri

This was a speedy effort for me - 8 figures painted over 2 days, then varnished and based over the next 2 days. 4 days form go to whoa! A new record!

I already have the Velite Carabinier battalion which I painted for our Wagram game, so as the OOB requires 2 Velite battalions, I thought I'd better paint the grenadiers. Luckily I have a squillion of these Zvezda Guard Grenadiers in the plastic mountain, so they got the job as Velite grenadiers. However, I couldn't find an officer figure amongst them, so I gave a Voltiguer officer a close shave with the razor and replaced his head with one more suitable for the role.

I referred to the reference sources halfway through and realised that the cords and flounders probably should be white, but I'm not going to say anything about it if you don't (.....damn!)


  1. One of my first elite units when I began...and yours are really, really nice! Great work...

  2. Very nice work I wont mention the cords and flounders as requested ;)

  3. Eight figures in two days! Warming up nicely for the challenge, me thinks.

  4. Bene, mota bene mi paisan! Whats a few flounders and cords amongst friends eh? Your Granatieri look the duck's guts mate!

  5. Fantastic painted figures!



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