Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More HaT 8095 Goodness and Sabot Movement Trays

This is the latest battalion of French troops for IV Corps. As the title suggests, they are all from HaT set 8095, although most of them have received head swaps, including the two with the metal bonnet de police. Only 2 have their original heads; the officer and the marching figure next to him.

As I'm going to have in excess of 20 battalions to move in my corps alone, I've decided I need to make some movement trays. I have some made of sheet metal glued to balsa wood, but even with texturing they're a bit hard to pick up. I've made a prototype put of thick (2mm) cardboard with a lip made from polystyrene foam, painted and textured. This prototype is probably a bit too high (It looks like they's got their own mobile bocage!), so I'm going to try to make the lip a little lower on my subsequent attempts.


  1. Great stuff, one of these days I need to start on my 1812 HäT French as well.

  2. Another fine unit.
    I see what you mean about the movement tray, looks a tad chunky - I'm sure you will come up with an effective solution.

  3. Hello young Biffo, you might want to try match sticks. The long ones you use for lighting your barbecue etc. I made some trays with those and used them for a long time until I had to rebase (grrr!). They worked out quite well and they're not as thick as the poly. Cheers.

  4. Yup! Know the dilemma well. I like your solution as you get the best of both worlds. I went for bases of six as the building blocks of my battalions but I had initially wanted to do all the figs individually. I'm still facing the same choice with the WW2 stuff but as they are magnetised I might get away with a relatively unnoticed sliver of tin to aid movement.


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