Sunday, November 10, 2013

More for Fourth Corps!

Enough alliteration!

Here's the latest off the workbench for my IV Corps for Borodino. Another infantry battalion (the first of four for my last regiment) and another Bavarian cavalry regiment.

The infantry is 8095 with the elites from 8167 with head mods. The cavalry are the same HaT figures as the last lot, but this time they're riding the horses from the box they came in.

The fun thing is both cavalry regiments have the same facings. The only difference is the colour of the buttons! For this reason, having different regiments mounted on different horses will be the best way of keeping track who belongs to which regiment.


  1. I like the "campaign" look of your infantry, Rosbif! Your cavalry is looking good as well.

  2. Another great looking infantry unit! Very nice cavalry too...

  3. I agree with Chuck... the 'campaign' look is fun!

  4. Very nice painted infantry and cavalry as always from you.


  5. Great work. I like the French blue... IMHO this captures the real hue quiet well as opposed to that brighter blue most people seem to use!


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