Friday, December 6, 2013

Penultimate Parading Platoon!

(Well, it's actually a battalion, but it is alliteration and needs must!)

One more battalion and we're done for IV Corps infantry! Then it's just a couple more cavalry regiments and 2 or 3 artillery bases and this marathon is over.

Oh, then there's just a game to play...

The figures again are mostly HaT 8095, but the premiere and deuxieme porte-aigle are from the HaT light infantry command set 8252, and carabinier set 8220 with head mods using heads from the 8095 set.

On another note; 

In this part of the world, we're well into the swing of the cricket season, attempting to wrest a tiny replica urn from the hands of the English and proving that we're not a spent force in the eyes of the world (and our own press!). 

For an amusing explanation of the rules of the game as explained by an American after watching his first game, check this out!


  1. Lovely soldiers - as always.

    Cricket - many years ago, i was playing cricket at the Highland ground in Inverness (Scotland) - a fine city, though not automatically associated with cricket. I was next in to bat, and was sitting with my pads on watching the game when two American tourists came along and asked me some questions about how the game worked. I answered as best I could, then one said "but what is this LBW thing?", and - before I could finish explaining - there was a big shout for a catch behind and I had to go in to bat. No word of a lie, I was out LBW 3rd ball, and walked back to face the icy condolences of my colleagues. The Americans were still there. "That, gentlemen," I said, removing my gloves, "was LBW - I hope that clears it up."

  2. Every time I view your splendid units, a small voice in my head regrets giving all of the Esci, Airfix, and Revell Napoleonics to my son!

  3. Once again, you wonderful work makes me reminisce of my Airfix French from days long ago! Best, Dean

  4. Great looking additions to the army! Enjoyed the cricket story too. Good luck for the Ashes!!

  5. Marvellous, but I'm still sniggering at your new Christmas banner - priceless!


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