Thursday, December 20, 2012

Theeeeeeey're Racing!

An advantage to being closest to the International Date Line is that us antipodeans get a head start in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge! Now, I think that's the only advantage I'll have as I don't anticipate that I'll set a lightning pace.

I'm starting with a 9 figure battalion of Schilling Miniaturen French infantry and then will get stuck into the Plastic Soldier Company Soviets I've got left over; some more artillery bases, light & heavy machine guns, infantry and command. Then it'll be back to Napoleonics with more Croatian infantry, Joseph Bonaparte regiment Spanish, lots more French infantry and Italian artillery.

Block colours on all the figures

1st figure with all the details finished;

...& back of voltiguer.


  1. Looking good already, looks like you'll be the first one with points on the board!

  2. Nicely done

    Damn this round earth thing... on the other hand us non-antipodeans will have a bit longer to submit our painted figures at the end!


    1. Curses! You spotted the flaw in in my plan!

  3. Nice figures and good luck with the competition there mate

  4. Good luck sir! Painting Napoleonics is quite a handicap. I mean, look at all the kit these guys carry and you have to paint! Maybe slip in an ACW union army to maximize efficiencies and shoot to the top of the heap? ;-)


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