Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2e Battalion, 1er Croatian Provisional Regiment

I've started a 2nd battalion of Croats for the Borodino project, starting with the elites again. This time I've given them head-swaps so that they're not as dandified as the 1st battalion. These chaps have taken off their plumes and cords and have bare shakos adorned only with the chevrons and bands.

The heads come from my stash of HaT figures that I've accumulated and won't use, especially from some of my least favourite poses, like the musket-loading infantryman, which looks so stiff and lifeless, he might as well be a statue, not a soldier!


  1. There is always something new and exciting rolling of your painting queue - an inspiration Sir!

  2. Monsieur Rosbif,

    Excellent green my friend, EXCELLENT!

    Warm regards,

    Ben AKA VS

  3. Very nice. What colour did you use for the green as I am planning to do a Croatian unit soon


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