Monday, December 10, 2012

Command WIP - Nearly There!

The figures have been shaded and glued to the base. Even though it's for a game set in Russia, that's not snow on the ground, though! It's the coarse artists' gel I use for my bases. Once it's dry I'll paint and flock it.

I've also added a broken wheel and a discarded backpack for added effect, to show that my generals are capable of causing damage to the enemy!


  1. Great! Can't wait to see the finished base.

  2. VERY NICE work on those officers. Creating command stands is one of my new-found joys. I had collected many, many units before I realized that I needed officers to lead them! So I went on a campaign to create command bases. I found it very satisfying since officer uniforms were interesting to paint and the "diorama" aspect of arranging the figures, and other bits, on the base to be a nice change of pace.

    Looking forward to seeing your finished base!

  3. Beautiful figures and composition. Best, Dean

  4. Lovely work Rosbif! I love the story that is shaping up. You Napoleonics fellows really have your work cut out for you from start to finish!


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