Tuesday, December 11, 2012

French Command Stand - Finished

I ran out out of time to take artfully posed photos of the completed command stand, but I took a couple of shots under the halogen lamp anyway because I couldn't resist after I finished the base and applied the final layer of matt varnish.

I'll take some more composed photos for the 'duel' once I get a bit more time, maybe on the weekend. The photos need to be in by the 23rd, so I've got plenty of time up my sleeve to find their best angle!


  1. They look good finished! Great job! I love your header by the way :D

  2. Very impressive grouping sir. I love the richness of the colours. And like Ben I love the header. I felt that wat on Saturday after our Mess Christmas Ball.

  3. Is it my computer or you have a problem with the (over)size(d) of the photos??? In any case a truly excellent and inspirational work. I have to restrain myslef from jumping into my palstic and lead pile and recover all those Napo 20mm minis buried somwhere in a deep strata!!!

    1. Whoops! Yes something happened to the sizing of the photos. Our PC is a bit on the clunky side at the moment and I couldn't get a preview, or actually view the finished post!

  4. That is an excellent little vignette you have there. Most impressed!

  5. Thanks all! :-)

    Now to see how I go in the duel! I'll keep you posted.


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