Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Soviet Light Mortar & Crew

After all my travails with my Napoleonics, it's time to get cracking with Jimbo's Soviets. After last year's infantry, I'll be painting and basing up his command, heavy weapons, artillery and observer units.

First up is a light mortar and crew by Plastic Soldier. They're not in the snow; the artist's gel will be painted and embellished with foliage and ballast for a more aestival (look it up!) feel.


  1. A great start and it must seem a bit strange working on something that is not dripping in gold lace.

    I thought, looking at the pictures, that they were going to have a winter base, but I read that you are going for a summer theme. ;)

  2. Nice start; I like the poses. Dean

  3. Nice snow effect!!....................................... I did read the post really!!!!

  4. As Michael, I thought they were in the snow...Ok then, a good start, waiting for the base!

  5. What scale are these if I may ask?


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