Friday, May 25, 2012

Dashing Don - Dragon del Regimiento de Sagunto

I couldn't resist; I just had to start my Spanish cavalry!

Here's the first of my conversions depicting the Dragoons of the Regiment of Sagunto. Compared with the plate below from the Vinkhuijzen Collection of the NYPL, he comes out quite well, though I painted his turnbacks green rather than leaving them yellow piped in red. Not sure if I can be fagged changing them though!

The head comes from Lancier Bleu's useful range of specialty conversion heads, purpose-made for 1/72 conversion.

My British dragoons are all repaired awaiting their new steeds which will be painted up this weekend (if I can stay focused long enough!).


  1. I say, he is a dashing chap; I always worry about the connotations of having troops wearing yellow uniforms! You just imagine the spiteful comments in the mess.

  2. I love the nap'spanish army...and this one is really nice!

  3. That is an excellent conversion-hope he fights as well as he looks!

  4. For Spanish dragons you can try
    There oictures of several Dragon regiments
    Best regards

    1. Thanks again, Rafa! You're a mine of information for The Spanish Army of the War of Indepedence.


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