Monday, May 28, 2012

De-cluttering Rosbif's Wargaming Stuff

Mrs Rosbif decided it was time to de-clutter the house (read get rid of a whole lot of crap taking up space).

In order that my wargaming stuff not become a target for the cleaning whirlwind, I dragged out a cabinet from the shed and set it up next the workbench. It now contains all the stuff that is not currently being worked on and my armies and scenery in the 3 lower drawers. Best of all (in Mrs. R's opinion!) is that the cabinet doors close, keeping the unseemly mess hidden.

All nice and tidy, and now I have room for all my stuff so that I need not resort to storing things on the floor!

The pile o'plastic

British and allies

French and allies

Terrain and scenery


  1. A fine collection Rosbif, Best to keep it out of reach of the missus!

  2. I keep on meaning to clean out my wargames room. We'd need an 8 ton skip though!

  3. My word there must have been a few nervous moments when Mrs Rosbif announced her intentions! A wonderful solution that I have heard referred to as 'Disappearing' cupboards by other wargamers.

  4. A mammoth task !

  5. Good call. Wives, God bless 'em, are dangerous when they talk like that and you were wise to take action. I am fortunate in that I have a room with a door to hide my wargaming crap behind, but heaven help my little men if I'm deployed again for any length of time, leaving the chaps to her tender care!

  6. Looks like that cabinet was tailor made for your collection mate.

  7. Cleaning wives are dangerous predators!

  8. Beware. Be Scared. Very Scared. De-cluttering wife on the Warpath.

    This is being typed by said "Dangerous Wife" aka Mrs Rosbif.

    Rosbif I refer to your comment that you will "keep the unseemly mess hidden". I will hold you to that comment.

    Au Revoir

    Mrs Rosbif


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