Monday, May 14, 2012

Oh, The Humanity!

I'm afraid my dragoons will not be destined to brave the table-top, as they met with a terrible tragedy too awful to relate (nearly)!

My work bench has become too crowded with stuff for my dragoons to fit. I was going to put them in the metal tool-box that I carry my troops in, but as it was already full, and I didn't have time to make room, I left them on the floor next to the tool-box. In the middle of the night a person, who shall remain unnamed, stumbling around in the dark, trod on them all breaking, bending and snapping all the newly completed dragoons!

I'm not sure they are retrievable; I'll sort them into those that I think can be saved and those that can't, then make up some replacements. Most of the riders could probably be re-used, but the horses are all fairly well cactus.



  1. Oh no! Monsieur! Very sorry to hear your news. That is the kind of fate for our little chaps that we all dread.

  2. Bring back the death penalty?!!!! ;-)

  3. I'm sorry for your loss, I too feel your deep sorrow and pain. The thing is did he or she who shall remain nameless hurt their foot when squishing your beloved figures??? I hope so! And secretly you do too?!

  4. A harsh fate for such brave soldiers.

  5. Ouchers! I feel for you mate - I'd hate for that to happen to any of mine.

  6. Ugh. That's terrible. When I drive my armies out to the club, I sometimes worry I might get in an accident and ruin them. The car? I'm not worried about that.

    Be glad you didn't have painted pikemen with Xyston spears on the floor! ;-)

  7. You have my sympathy. A few years ago I dropped a box of newly painted Greeks down the stairs and only recently placed some ancients precariously on a unit shelf and they toppled over - Gauls and Romans everywhere!

    All that effort wasted. Enough to make you cry.

  8. Tragedy! Cut down in their prime, as it were. I can only offer my deepest sympathies; with time the pain will abate.

  9. Very sad, clearly victims of "friendly fire".

    I lost a couple of boxes of Platoon 20 minis once. I dropped them from a great height, and the minis, to a man, sheared off at the ankles.

    Cheers, Simon

  10. As we say in Spain: "Te acompaño en el sentimiento"

  11. I have a friend who, having finished painting his figs, has polished (vernis en français?) his figures with... black paint!
    Very very sad...but tomorrow is another day! Courage!

  12. Monsieur:

    Quelle dommage! A story sad enough to make the angels weep. I have a friend who did what Phil did once, he had finished a BRIGADEs worth of 20mm Brunswickers and sprayed them with white primer instead of matt varnish. He still got weepy about it month's later.
    Truly, our little men make us all hostages to fortune.

  13. What can I say? but try to keep your chin up.

  14. Iam sure they put up a brave fight to the end! Someone will have sore feet.

  15. Now they have veteran status! Well, always hate to hear of such things, might be time to discharge them and raise some new men. Let us know if you manage to salvage them.

  16. I hope you can recover a few of them. Feel so sorry for you.



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