Thursday, May 10, 2012

Procrastination Project #2 - 1st (Royal) Dragoons : Basing

No great progress in the wargaming front, except for the basing of my dragoons. After letting the artists' texture gel dry, the next step will be the painting,  flocking and addition of some ballast and clumps of foliage.

I'm planning to get to the club Friday week, after my latest assignment is finished (squeezing more blood from the stone!), so these bad boys should get their baptism of fire then!


  1. Beautiful rich colours on these; very stirring! Good luck at the club.

  2. Agree with Michael on the colors - looks like a fine oil painting. Best, Dean

  3. They are British Dragoons they dont need luck. Good leadership maybe, but not luck. They look great there very rich in colour.

  4. Ravishing figures, an awesome palette. Success to them!

  5. Thanks for the kind words, all (though I can't help thinking the poor lighting had something to do with the 'rich colours', 'fine oil painting' and 'awesome palette' effects!). :-D


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