Thursday, August 18, 2011

Horrible Histories

One of the funniest shows on telly at the moment is the BBC kids' show "Horrible Histories" (showing in Australia on ABC3 at 6:30pm weekdays), based on the popular series of kids' books. The anachronistic use of historical figures acting in modern ways not only engages the kids, but is extremely funny! From the "...but wait! There's more!" adds for slaves and servants, to mock interviews and newscasts, the format of the show jumps around all over the place historically (and hysterically!). The funniest segments IMHO are the songs that adhere to the standard pop-music video format with singing and dancing routines.

Below are 2 clips that fall (roughly) into the period that this blog covers; The Georgian period of British history. The premise is that the 4 Georges are a boy-band in the vein of Westlife, or Take-that, here singing a soppy ballad, while giving a quick run-down of the history of the House of Hanover.

The second clip is George IV starting his solo career!



  1. I discovered this show a few weeks ago, and I love it!

    Ps: I'm 31 ^^

  2. Hi! My name is.
    Hi! My name is.
    Hi! My name is Napoleon Bonaparte.

  3. I came across HH videos on YouTube about six months ago, and lost at least a full week's worth of painting time checking them out.

    Some very clever-and funny- writing. The Three Georges is my favorite!


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