Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Swapsies #2

I've received the parcel of goodies from Dan of Gunner's Wargaming in record time! Dan sent it on Friday and it arrived the following Monday: Australia Post never sleeps!

In exchange for some Khurusan sci-fi figures, he sent me a whole bunch of Italeri cavalry and infantry plus some more of the wonderful Zvezda French artillery. The infantry will be used to make some uints of the Vistula Legion to accompany the Zvezda lancers I still have to paint; the dragoons will be used for Spanish cavalry and possibly French gendarmes, with the odd head conversion; and the artillery will go towards the siege/sea landing scenario I'm planning

Dan's been showing more stuff on his blog that he's willing to trade, so if you feel like making an offer get in touch with him and organise a swap. I can't recommend him highly enough; absolutely no hassles, and if Australia Post can turn on the service again like they did for me, it's all good!

Thanks, again Dan!


  1. Hi
    Congratlations! Yous acquisitions are favourite of mine
    Best regrads

  2. Got to love our Australia post :) glad to be of help, it was a good trade.

  3. Your Mr Plastic Fantastic Biffo.


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