Friday, August 12, 2011

On my plate at the moment...

I have a large backlog of figures to be painted for my various projects. I'm currently working my way through the 2nd Hussars, then I'll return to the 2nd Division project now that I've received my additional Portuguese figures. I'm organising a scenario involving a landing by the Royal Marines and sailors to assist in the siege of a French fortified position, which will also involve some terrain building and also the building of a couple of ship's boats, which will be challenging! I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the foot dragoons for this project, as well.

I've also got to pull my finger out and get the Cold Steel rules v. 8 edits underway

I've set myself these goals on top of my usual domestic and work responsibilities. I'm also returning to study for the first time in over a decade (what can I say? I'm a glutton for punishment!), so I have a very full dance card at the moment!

HaT Royal Marines (all pictures courtesy PSR)
Jolly Jack Tars from the same set. I'll probably use only the figures on the left and right as part of the landing party

Strelets dismounted dragoons. Some of the figures are a little too animated for my taste, but there are plenty of other more useful poses, too.
Kennington/SHQ Portuguese infantry (picture courtesy MBM)


  1. Good luck... you are going to be very busy, it seems!

  2. Lets hope you haven't taken on too much, I never plan anything like this, mainly because I always end up letting myself down. The Marines and sailors look really nice, can't wait to see yours painted up.

  3. The Napoleonic naval raid has idea has been at the back of my mind as well but where do you get rowing figs to crew your boats. No doubt someone does it in 28mm but I dont know of anyone doing it in 1/72nd scale.

  4. At his stage I'm going to do without rowers, or else I'll have to try some heavy duty conversions. The ship's boats are going to be a challenge in themselves!


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