Monday, August 29, 2011

Anyone for (table) tennis?

I've just got an early birthday present from Mum; a table-tennis table. Besides providing the family with another sporting option, I now have a dedicated table and space in the shed for non-club wargaming. Huzzah! Other times when I've hosted a game at home the only option was adding the leaves to the table and taking over the dining room.It wasn't optimal as the table is relatively narrow. Now I can use all the tiles and terrain and have plenty of room for maneuver.

Below are some of the figures I'm working on at the moment; Royal Marines and Jack Tars for the sea landing scenario and more of Jim's Soviets. The last photo is of the progress of the fortified camp I'm making as the objective of the sea landing scenario. The earthwork positions are laid on top of  a polystyrene foam layer with a trench cut into it and the edges roughly cut to produce a glacis. I'll build the glacis up a bit more and add a flechette to cover the gates. The defenses will have a damage point system which, depending on the calibre of artillery firing at it, will determine when a practicable breach is made.

HaT Royal Marine

HaT sailor

Plastic Soldier Soviet. Love the facial expression!

Soviet command figure

Soviet rifleman. Lovely animated sculpt

Fortification WIP


  1. Sounds like a perfect birthday pressie!! Love the look of the sailor!! (oo er misses)

  2. I wish you joy of your table Sir ! I got my own a few months ago and it's a great feeling.

  3. May I concur on the eminent suitablity of table tennis tables for wargmaing purposes. No longer will your bold manouvres and grand strategies be confined to the paltry borders of the dining table.

  4. What wonderful work Sir; the marine and sailor look great and the defensive is certainly taking shape.

  5. Wow a table tennis table, now that's heaven.
    Love the sailor, although wish I had not said that now?

  6. Well done that man! Lovely work. And happy birthday and congratulations on the table tennis table. I drove past one someone was throwing out a couple of years ago and have been kicking myself ever since for not picking it up.

  7. Happy Birthday. Table tennis tables are a great way to go. You wont look back.

  8. Have to agree with the others, I also use the table tennis table at present great way to go!

    great paint job on those figs!

  9. Happy Birthday. I too have a "ping pong" table, as they are known in southern Indiana. It has been in my wife's family since the '60's; it was a kit, cut from sheets of plywood. There are still times when my wife will walk past it, stop and touch it, and get a wistful look in her eyes as she remembers her childhood. Won't be replaced in my lifetime.

  10. Hi
    I also own a 'ping-pong' table.... waiting to see the yours covered with terrain and figures!

  11. the ruskies are looking grate and a ping pong table is a good thing
    cheers jim


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