Friday, July 29, 2011

The bedtime story you WISH you could have read!

For all of those of you who have ever had, or will have, small children and the associated sleep deprivation owning such creatures entails, this is for YOU! (read by Australia's Queen of Playschool, Noni Hazlehurst)


(PS. the language is a bit blue, so don't play if you're easily offended or if there actually are kiddies around!)


  1. LOL!!! Excellent, after having 4 kids I can remember thinking (of course, not saying!!) those lovely kind of words on several occasions!! Bless their little cotton socks, the little brats!!!!

  2. I'm severely tempted to write the sequel called "Do the f***ng dishes or I'll sell you to a Bangladeshi sweatshop so you learn the meaning of work, you precious little princess!"

  3. LOL!!!!! I'd buy it! Just for the title!! We had that problem, "its not my turn, but I did it yesterday, its not fair......and so on and so on" lovely children.


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