Friday, July 8, 2011

2nd Division Progress

I've been busy over the last couple of weeks with some enforced time off to look after an ill child, but managed to put some of this time to good use, ie. painting!

Below are the first 2 units of my continuing Anglo-Portuguese army 2nd Division project as outlined in a previous blog entry. The first is the 3rd Foot, or the Buffs, and the 2nd is the 6th Cacadores. I used Revell's Rifles figures for the cacadores plus the two march-attack figures from HaT's Peninsula British infantry with head-swaps using the supplied light infantry tapered shakos, and the officer from HaT's earlier British light infantry set with a head swap using the same head as the marching figures. Only the first company was rifle armed and designated as tiradores, or sharpshooters, but I'm not too fussed at how the unit looks; basically they wore a uniform similar to the rifles, so this is good enough for me.

The Buffs have figures from the HaT Peninsula Infantry set as well, but the command figures are from Kennigton. The colour party includes a colour sergeant carrying the King's colour, as I ran out of the cocked-hat wearing officer figure. His pose would indicate he's carrying a colour anyway, but he was supplied with a massively large spontoon that looked odd carried in front of his face like that. By trimming off the cross-bar at the top and shortening it slightly, I've converted it into another flag-staff. Even though colour-sergeants' roles were usually limited to protecting the colour-bearer, I figured that this sergeant's young gentleman has bought the farm, and he's stepped in to save the regimental honour by carrying the colour himself.

The flags are from Warflag
The Buffs

Hold the line!

The colour party

The officer and advancing infantryman

Musical accompaniment

6th Cacadores

March attack

Command stand



  1. Excellent paint job M. Rosbif and the quality of the photograpghy shows them off perfectly.

  2. Very nice figure, Love the Cacadores,,very cool!!

  3. Great work Rosbif !!! As always !!!

  4. Hi
    I hope you don't will refight Albuera or your Buffs will be in danger again!
    Best regards


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