Thursday, December 16, 2010

Spanish WIP #5

These are the first attempts at converting the Kennington Spanish line figures into the Toledo regiment's interim uniform of bell topped shako and brown uniform. I've chopped off the original bicorne heads and replaced them with heads from left over odds and sods and the reloading figures that I don't like from HaT's 8095 French line infantry set. Using a pin-vice, I drilled holes into the neck and underside of the head and glued them together using a small length of thick wire to secure them. I'll clean up the join with a bit of green-stuff if required. I've posed them with their original, painted versions for comparison.

The last figure is a converted march-attack figure that I've converted into a flag-bearer officer. I'll try my hand at sculpting to add epaulets and the flag-strap (not sure of the technical military term; I'm sure there is one!). If I'm feeling adventurous enough, I might try giving him longer coat tails and disguising his gaiters as cavalry boots.

 Profile view of conversion. Front-on looks a bit narrow.

 Front on view of the head from HaT's reloading figure. A lot more anatomically correct!

Flag bearer conversion with HaT head and sword and scabbard from the old Italeri French infantry that are good only for body parts.


  1. Nice conversion work.
    Milliput can be a right pain in the ass at times.

  2. The standard bearer looks very martial with his sword in hand

  3. Thanks fellas,

    Hopefully he paints up well too.


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