Monday, December 20, 2010

Buenas dias,, ah...Top o' the mornin' to ye, Mick!

Here's the latest completed unit; the Regimiento Irlanda, another of the line units at Albuera.

By the early 19th century, the Irish regiments would have most likely contained very few real Irishmen and only a minority of descendants of the Wild Geese, hence the title of this post. Any foreigners in the ranks most likely would have been German or Italian. However, there were quite a few descendants of the Jacobite immigrants in the higher levels of the army, viz. General Blake and the O'Donnell brothers, Enrique and Jose. One of the heroes of Chilean independence goes by the name of Bernardo O'Higgins!

 The line

 Right flank including granadiero

 Left flank and command figures.

 Left flank again.

 Detail of command figures.

 Line centre.

 Regimiento Toledo WIP

Standard bearer painted up quite well!


  1. Hi
    Splendid! Waiting to see the Albuera re-fight. Do you know the ruleset you'll use?

  2. Thanks Rafa!

    So far I'm just painting up elements of a Spanish brigade and Zayas' brigade is the one I've chosen because they performed so well. We have no plans as yet to fight Albuera, but it'd be a good one. There's talk of refighting Salamanca in 2012, though. We use the club rules which are based on Empire V, which seem to be so reviled on TMP!

  3. Wowww Salamanca with Empire V! I remember using these rules many years ago. Be ready to reserve a full week-end to play only some few movements...

  4. I agree it takes a while to learn the ropes, but we manage quite well on the big battle weekends. It usually takes 2 and a half days to play out a historical battle.

    I'll be playing Blackpowder over the summer break, so I'll be able to compare the 2 rules sets and critique them both.

  5. genial de regiments, good colours, I love teh houses.!!!


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