Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Spanish WIP #3

Here's the command figures and the grenadier. I can tell you that the grenadier's bearskin bag was looking like it was going to be a nightmare, but actually it wasn't too bad and the result was exactly as I wanted. I wasn't too sure of the exact pattern for the Walloon Guards, so I based it on the line regiments grenadiers' patterns that start with a coat of arms near the top and continue with various lace patterns that look like loops from a distance. I added a blue background to the coat of arms just for contrast, but I'm not sure that that's 100% accurate.

Command figures


Grenadier's bag detail
(couldn't quite get the focus right, sorry)

Follow me, hombres!

Standard bearer.
He has a big fault line running from hat to leg that mars his otherwise clean lines. Paint disguises most of it except from close up.

Drummer in brown overpants.
Not sure of drum colours for Spanish infantry, either, so went for red.

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  1. Hi
    You are right with the colour of the Sapnish drums. See


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