Friday, December 17, 2010

Does my bum look big in this?

Two views of the milliput conversion I've done to turn the march attack figure into a standard bearer. The front on views weren't in focus so I haven't posted them. I'll try to take a few more and post later. 

Here I've added coat tails and epaulets, and weren't they a bugger to make?! Without proper sculpting tools, I was reduced to using a paddle-pop stick, a knife, and my sausage fingers to create these. The putty was more adhesive to my skin than the metal, so I had many frustrating moments where I'd sculpted the perfect coat tail or epaulet and the damned things came away on my fingers. GRRRR!

The front view hasn't worked quite as well, as I didn't get rid of the cross belt before adding the flag belt. He looks like he's being strangled in belts! I'll have to do a bit more tinkering with milliput to disguise the surplus belt, I think. 


  1. Hi
    Don't worry about the final appearance. You'll look them from a three-feet distance!
    (-5ºC now!)

  2. Hi M. Rosbif,
    Our friend Ian is well into sculpting figures he would be a good resource for tips and ideas.


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