Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye 2010

This will probably be my last post for the year, so Happy New Year to all my readers!

It's been a year that started pretty badly, continuing on from a shitty end to 2009, but got exponentially better as the year went on, with milestones a-plenty: My eldest daughter finished primary school and has the world of high school and adolescence to take us through; my wife started a new career after being a full-time mother for 12 years; and my youngest daughter continues to explore the world with her never ending thirst for knowledge (ie. asking 'why', or 'how come' questions at every opportunity.) If you care to check my profile details, you'll find a blog she's started, piggy backed on my google account, on her favourite subject: cats! She'd be very pleased if her visitor stats went up and got some comments ;-)

Below are my latest creations; British casualty figures and extra command figures including a Spanish general. I plan to play a Black Powder game over the holiday period, after the upcoming Aspern-Essling bash, and need more command figures for my brigades. I finally got around to painting a British divisional commander (the two figure base) as well as the Highland general and the Spanish general. Strictly speacking the Spanish brigade commander figure should be only one figure for the Cold Steel club rules, but I couldn't resist adding the armed monk figure from HaT's guerilla set! The general is a conversioin from a French officer from the Waterloo 1815 set of Napoleonic command figures (as is the highland general) with the head from an Italeri French general staff figure. I added a sash and cockade fashioned from milliput. I've allowed a few inconsistancies in the uniform to pass ie. the epaulets and gorget shouldn't strictly speaking be on a Spanish general officer's uniform, but that was a conversion too far to contemplate, so pedants take note; I am aware that it's not accurate!

Since posting these pictures, I've cleaned up the bases and added some more foliage so that they're not quite so barren.

Morale/casualty markers look like a massacre!
General Sir Thomas Atkins takes the salute!
Kennington command figure with grenadier from HaT Peninsula British infantry set. 
The dashing Spanish General Don Maunuel de Barcelona and his horse 'Basil'.
 The general receives the blessings of the furious fighting Franciscan, Father Fernando the Ferocius.
Scotland forever!


  1. Nice figures Monsieur le Rosbif, and glad your year ended well. Best wishes for 2011.

  2. Hi
    I agree... but the best is the spanish monk!
    My best wishes for 2011

  3. Hi M. Rosbif,
    Happy New Year! I'm glad the year ended on a better note than it started.

    3rd Column awaits you.



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