Thursday, June 18, 2015

Waterloo 200th Anniversary

I didn't know it was 200 years old!

I thought it was the Eurovision winner for 1974. Maybe it's a traditional folksong that ABBA re-intepreted. Who knows?


But seriously, folks, I just found out today that there was an Australian on the Duke of Wellington's staff at the Great Battle. How about that?


  1. Never knew about the Aussie at Waterloo, they'll be making a film about his life'd think?

  2. There was an Australian at Waterloo...of course! Who do you think was behind the bar at la belle alliance?

  3. No wonder I'm a historical gamer. I came for music when I was 16 and stayed for the games. ;-)

  4. Not an 'Aussie bleeder', but we have a connection to Waterloo right here in little old York, WA

  5. That's fascinating. Who knew?
    As for the Abba song, I so wish I could back in time to last week and stop myself from listening/watching. It is taking up far too much space in my cerebral cortex. Gah.


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