Sunday, June 7, 2015

Little Wars Melbourne 2015

La Petite Rosbif #2 and I went to Little Wars last weekend (including taking the wrong turn at exactly the same place we did last year!) in what is turning out to be a regular Daddy/Daughter event, which warms the cockles of this soldier's heart no end. I just hope she doesn't decide she's too grown-up to come next year...

The weather was pretty rubbish, as it was last year, and we left a little later than I had hoped having to traverse the city from the northern suburbs to the bayside south-eastern suburbs, so all in all the visit was a little rushed. When we finally selected a game to join, one of Ian KH's 3 Pulp Alley games, we only had a couple turns before we had to let him pack up!

James' Super-Heroes and Super-Villains game caught La Petite Rosbif #2's eye. We joined in for a couple of rounds on the baddies' side.

Penguins from Madagascar! "Smile and wave, boys!"


Adam West's Batmobile!

Gamera vs. hordes of Creepy-Crawlies!

54mm Napoleonics. Lots of figures like mine, but BIGGER!

On the opposite end of the scale, Waterloo in 6mm!

Hougoumont under attack. Compare it to our mega-event earlier this year!

7-Years' War siege using Too Fat Lardies rules

Ian's fabulously presented Pulp Alley games:

We chose to play the "not-Tarzan" game, or Mungo, King of the Jungle! I took the baddies, while my daughter chose to play the heroes. As appropriate to the pulp genre, the baddies had a lot more figures, but their main role was to be beaten up by the heroes! While it didn't last long, we had fun learning the ropes and racing to the plot-points. I think it was pointing to a victory for the forces of good, though.

The SMG-armed cultist lays down some fire on the goodies (to no effect, of course!)

LPR#2 sends some of her characters to the the nearest plot-point; the damsel in distress on the hill.

One of my cultists reaches the Tiki plot-point first! That pesky Mungo and friends do their darndest to upset my evil plans!


  1. Great array of games on display there, and some wonderful tables. Looks like a good day out :-)

    1. There was a lot more on display, too: I didn't get decent photos of: WW2 Desert, WW1 aerials, Ancients and fantasy.

  2. Some very cool looking games there!

  3. Some top looking games! Love the first pic though!!!

  4. Looks like a blast, andI second Ray! That should be on a Tshirt.

  5. Looks as though an excellent time was had by all!

    And may I say how good it is to see Gamera again - he's really neat, and he's full of turtle meat!
    ; )


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