Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Up Guards, and At 'Em

Lesson 1: Don't f*&k with the Household Guard

Lesson 2: Don't forget Lesson 1.


  1. When Mrs. Kinch and I were on honeymoon we visited the Tower. There were a group of US college students who were abusing one of the (I believe it was the Irish Guards as it happens) Guardsmen on duty, calling him names and that sort of thing. One of them kept asking him "What do you do all day man? What do you do?"

    A small wiry beefeater walked very quietly behind them and in a level tone said something along the lines of "Counts the ways he knows to murder c*nts like you". He then proceeded to give the group such a beasting that they fled the Tower. Absolutely extraordinary noise coming out of such a relatively small chap. He was Australian and was a premier league player in the Aussie national sport of swearing. It was excellent.

  2. Excellent video. It made my day. :-))

  3. I've seen that video on FB. Unbelievable. Most tourists don't realize that these are real soldiers. I hung around a platoon of Guardsmen in the field for a day, and like all squad dies they are tough, profane, and highly professional soldiers, only more so. You don't want to piss them off.
    CK's story is brilliant.


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