Monday, June 15, 2015

The Lesser Bonapartes - Podcast review

I'm having a lot of fun listening to the back catalogue of a relatively new history podcast, The Lesser Bonapartes. While I listen to a lot of history podcasts, some of them are a fairly good cure for insomnia. This one is not. It's a free-wheeling, slightly shambolic, very funny look at history with the occasional use of naughty words.

Dan and Glen are history enthusiasts and it really tells. Their delivery belies the research they must have done prior to each episode as they fanboy their way through the narrative, or dump on the sources for giving us only a tantalising half-glimpse at the real story (I'm looking at you, Herodotus!). The despairing delivery of the tale of the Hellenic Successor States is hilarious as our hosts almost admit defeat in trying to work out what the f*ck was going on!

They seem to run the gamut from ancient through to early modern history. At the moment I'm listening to their take on the Siege of Vienna in 1683.

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