Saturday, December 28, 2013

Le figlie bellissime

These are from the 4th entry to the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, which earned me a tidy 90 points, putting me into the heady heights of 9th place! Time enough for others to catch up and bump me down the ladder again!

This time I painted the 1st of 2 Italian 12 pounder batteries using the lovely Zvezda kit. It really is a joy to paint these figures!

Next were 2 more regimental guns using Eureka 15mm guns to represent 3 pounders. The first figure is from Zvezda with a conversion head from Franznap. They head and body are made for each other!

Next, a HaT gunner with a Franznap head. Not quite as pretty as the previous stand, but adds a little variation, I'm sure you'll agree!

Lastly, the final Bavarian Chevau-Leger regiment. This time, they're all conversions, including the one I did a while age. I miscalculated the number of figures I needed for the project and found I was short a few too many of the HaT Bavarians, so rather than mix figures, I decided to go the whole hog and convert the requisite number for the last regiment.They are Italeri French Light Cavlary figures with the heads from the HaT Wurrtemberg artillery set. I haven't bothered with plumes except for that original conversion, so he'll be the only properly dressed one and represents the officer. They are mounted on the horses from the Italeri French chassurs set and despite the correct shabraques for Bavarian cavalry (but oddly not for French chasseurs!) you'll understand why I've been reluctant to use them in the past; they are supremely ugly beasts!


  1. Another great set of figures. It's always interesting how you go about the planning to get the right look and detail in the conversions.

  2. Very nice work even they ugly beasts!!

  3. Great work on the artillery pieces. Really like the bare-headed artilleryman.

  4. Excellent modelling there, really like the bare-headed one too!

  5. A small and beautiful diarama
    Have a Hppay New Year 2014!


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