Sunday, August 4, 2013

Games 2013 - NWA Open Day

Another Games Day over for another year, and another successful day it was, with lots of visitors to the exhibition games and traders' stalls.

I did my stint on the door and flogged two winning raffle tickets to the punters, one of whom was radio presenter and wargamer, Richard Stubbs (probably doesn't mean anything to anyone outside Victoria and possibly southern NSW and NW Tasmania!). Thoroughly decent chap he was too; he bought a dozen tickets, so it wasn't surprising he won something!

I excelled myself by forgetting the camera and only having a half charged phone, which gave out after only a few photos, so unfortunately I couldn't do the exhibition games justice. Below are just a few photos of some of the most eye-catching tables, including Ian's magnificent best-in-show winning Pulp-Alley King-Kong game.



  1. What a wonderful games day there and some lovely eye candy. Top job

  2. Great looking games going on there!


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