Monday, November 26, 2012

MORE Italian Conscripts of the Guard!

I've started work on the 2nd battalion of Conscripts of the Guard for my IV Corps Borodino project.

This time I have an officer on foot to lead the battalion. He's from the lovely HaT set 8252 French Chasseurs Command Set, with a slight modification to his sword. The only problem with this set is the officer's sword. The original looks like he's waving an infantryman's sabre-briquet which just looks wrong; it's tiny and looks as if it would inspire mirth rather than confidence from his men!

As the area is too fine to be able to pin the new sword blade, it's just secured using super glue. It may not last, but looks good in the meantime. Depending how fragile it is, I may l have to try something a little more drastic, like a full arm transplant, at some stage in the future, but at this stage it works.

It's only a couple of mm (as the actress said to the bishop!) but it makes all the difference IMHO

Anyway,  his scabbard is way too big for his original sword; this makes it look a little more realistic


  1. A good and easy conversion. Congratulations!

  2. Beautiful! So small yet so detailed!

  3. A great improvement, nicely done Sir.

  4. A great improvement and very nicely done there

  5. A great job.
    Finally I see the Italians Napoleonic well done.
    Thank you on behalf of the fans in Italy.

    Davvero un bel lavoro.
    Finalmente vedo degli italiani napoleonici ben fatti.
    Grazie a nome degli appassionati d'Italia.


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