Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Adventures with Milliput #2

I've tried another conversion trick with the useful HaT 8095 set, this time with Milliput.

The original figures come with uncovered shakos, but I'd got myself some command figures from SHQ/Kennington for variety, some of which came with their shakos in oilskin covers. I though it would look odd if only the officers and NCOs had their shakos covered, so I thought it time to try a little sculpting conversion experiment.

Very simply, I covered the original shako in a thin layer of putty. Thick enough to cover the original details but not too thick, otherwise it looks like he's wearing a busby! After I got the right look, I gently carved lines using my craft knife to indicate the folds in the cloth, using the metal figure as a template.

I reckon it worked out quite well, but we'll see after he's painted up!

SHQ/Kennington officer figure in covered shako

My version of a covered shako on a HaT figure


  1. Ingenious and certainly looks spot on.

  2. What ho Rosbif! I have nominated you for a Liebster.


    Though on looking at your archive it appears I'm late. My bad. Disregard.

    1. I'm honoured, Kinch, old man! A 2nd nomination is icing on the cake!

  3. Isn't milliput wonderful stuff?! Have you tried Das? I now use that more often than milliput. It does not dry quite as hard, but is really malleable and easy to work with.


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