Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Les pinceaux de la guerre" La Bricole Painting Competition - Voting Begins!

The painting competition over at the La Bricole forum has wrapped up with the voting process now underway. I can report I'm currently in the middle of the field with the voting opening a couple of days ago. I can report that none of the votes for my entry were made by me (no, honestly!).

The standard is very high with Greystreak's beautiful Russian infantry and Paul's exquisite Saxons leading the voting, but there are some other lovely entries that also are great contenders, too. Commiserations to those who didn't manage to meet the deadline, but there's still plenty of lovely work to be seen with these projects interrupted by the vagaries of real life!

Go to the forum to check out the entries and check on the voting tally (which closes on April 17th), and if you feel inspired, join up and vote! La Bricole is a great, friendly, fun place for enthusiasts of wargaming the Napoleonic period. The combined knowledge of the members is a great resource if you meet a dead-end in your research, and there is always much positive feedback to works-in-progress and completed projects.

Many thanks go to Robert for organising the competition and sourcing the prize, too.

Win, lose or draw, it's been a great incentive to get my Italian project off the ground. I'll keep on with it over the year. Who knows; maybe I'll finish it off with next year's entry? ;-)


  1. Good luck from me too; just been for a look and you are certainly in good company, some wonderful entries indeed.

  2. Your works are original and deserve an award.
    Good luck!

    I tuoi lavori sono molto originali e meritano un premio.
    Buona fortuna!

  3. I'm biased towards 1/72nd figures and prefer your 'realistic' style of painting to other's 'clean' style, so I reckon you should get the nod!

  4. Wow, the entries are great. I like the way your units are preseted. Good luck

  5. Replies
    1. Tim, you need to register as a member of the forum to vote. Once registered and logged in, then the voting selections become available for you to cast a vote.


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