Monday, April 16, 2012

Victory or Death!

Staying at home today as a result of a freak kitchen accident (Junior Rosbif #1 would say all accidents I suffer are freak ones as that's what I am. Ha, ha, ha....ha........ha. Note to self: Next time I alter my will, give her share to the cat!). For those of you taking notes,while in bare feet a heavy glass oven-proof pie dish fell, edge-on, onto my big toe nail, resulting in blood and severe bruising. The bedclothes hurt my toe last night, so there was no way  I was going to be able to put shoes on and walk today. Lots of ice and neurofen, and I should be right soon(-ish!)

Anyway, it's given me time to complete this chap especially so he can sport one of the flags created by MSFoy over at Prometheus in Aspic. I hadn't intended painting this chap as he's from a strange set that seems to have figures by two different sculptors. My other guerrilleros are a lot chunkier, so I didn't think these more finely sculpted ones would really go all that well with them. After considering conversion potential, it was a no brainer; this chap has 2 pistols, but is only using 1, with his other arm flung out behind him. He's leaning back slightly, as if bracing against something; maybe a large, heavy flag billowing in the breeze? Bingo! He's your man!


  1. This is a wonderful departure from the norm, great stuff. Terribly sorry to hear that you have been laid low, I do hope there was no lasting damage to the pie dish!

  2. Nice job - that flag is a fake, I tell you!

    Sorry to read of your accident - does this mean pie is off the menu for a while?

    1. I shall now only enter the kitchen while wearing steel toed work boots. As I don't own a pair I shall now get my minions (sorry, loving wife and children) to do all my kitchen related chores from now on.

  3. Nice work; I like the flag.
    Take care of the toe; always a bad location for pain

  4. Very nice indeed!! Mr Foy's flag looks excellent!!


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