Sunday, November 13, 2011

Procrastination pays!

After all the introspection of the last couple of posts, it's back to wargaming.

While I'm not much further advanced in my academic pursuits, my Chasseurs, I'm happy to say, are now finished!


  1. Forget the school work I want to see more of your painting skills. These are top notch. Great stuff Rosbif.

  2. I have to sympathise, procrastination is one of my more refined skill, however in your case it's produced spectacular rests. well done that man.

  3. These look even better than your usual work - I like the basing as well. Something new there?

  4. Thanks all!

    @CK - the bases are still the same cereal packet cardboard glued to a fridge magnet, with the figure then glued to the cardboard. I use Reeve's artists gel rough texture liberally applied around the figures' bases then give the lot a coat of bootstrap brown when the gel has dried. What is new is the flocking. I'm using a combination of Woodland Scenics burnt earth and a locally made sawdust flock from a hobby business now sadly defunct. I've tried to make the larger bases more like a mini-diorama with static grass, model railway ballast and twigs from the garden, too.

  5. Beautiful work - so much detail on the uniforms. They look really nicely sculpted and proportioned too. Best, Dean

  6. A bit late (my comment....) but your chasseurs look great!


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