Wednesday, November 23, 2011

British dragoons WIP - and Soviet LMG crews

Now that my academic pursuits are done and dusted for the year, I can devote my spare time to more personally satisfying activities!

Here's what's on the table at the moment; my 1st (Royal) Dragoons conversion project is coming along. I'm not overly happy with the results so far, although until they're mounted on their steeds and varnished, I can't really judge. I can't put my finger on it, but the results aren't totally satisfactory. I'm sure it'll work out in the end, though. Maybe I'm being overly critical; I should just enact Rafa's 3' rule and not sweat the detail too much!

The trooper firing the carbine has had his crest doctored, because I didn't think a flying mane of horsehair was appropriate for a rider on a stationary horse! I shaved off the crest and replaced it with good old Milliput, scored the surface to resemble hair and let it dry. It didn't turn out too bad, I think! I'm leaving the trumpeter's crest as is, though, even if it is highly unlikely that his crest would be flying out at 90 degrees to the direction he's traveling in! Maybe he has encountered a VERY localised cross-wind!

This is the latest mini-diorama for Jim's Soviets; one of the light machine-gun crews in action and movement poses


  1. Conrad - They're conversions using Italeri Scots Greys bodies and Italeri French Dragoon heads!

  2. Really nice work on the dragoons.

  3. Looking good Rosbif,
    Glad to see the French dragoon heads making a showing. Always good when you find a new home for converted figures left-over bits.

  4. Great painting and great conversion work too!!!

  5. Well for what it's worth, I think the Dragoons are looking great; lovely conversions and painting.


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