Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chasseurs project nearing completion

This is the finished chasseur after application of the Wattyl matt estapol spray that I use to dull down the initial gloss shading varnish. He still looks a little glossy, but that's because he's in the direct glare of the halogen light from my lamp. Otherwise, he's good to go! All that's required is basing and he and his companions should be ready for my next venture onto the tabletop.

Speaking of basing, I've got quite a bit to do; the chasseurs, Jim's Soviets, my Royal Marines and dismounted French dragoons. Then after all that, I need to get stuck into my British dragoons! First things first, though; I REALLY need to pull my finger out and finish my dull and boring assignment and resist the urge to get distracted by much more satisfying activities like painting (even doing the dishes is more exciting!).

The first figure fully varnished awaiting basing


  1. Yes, Wattyl gloss varnish to seal and protect, and matt to... well... matt it. I paint both layers on rather than using a spray as the spray can miss spots on the undersides of the models.

    There is also a suggestion out there in cyberspace that gloss polyurethane is more flexible than the matt and so provides better protection for plastic figs. Not sure how to go about proving that one scientifically?

  2. Yes, some people prefer their figures shiny, but I don't. I'll stick with the matt effect!

    The 2 layers act quite well as a protective coat that provides extra stiffening to the notoriously bendy parts like musket barrels tipped with bayonets, the worst parts for paint flaking. So the benefits of the varnish are 2 in 1: it shades and protects the figures.

  3. Looking good Rosbif. I can understand your feeling about the boring assignment. I was never good in that respect, spent my time with little plastic guys instead of learning!!

  4. Well for what its worth he looks like a fabulous distraction! Perhaps the assignment can wait just a little longer.

  5. Great job on the figs, sod the assignment get them Dragoons done!!! What's the assignment about??

  6. Thanks all!

    @Ray - The assignment's a complete yawn-fest. Information literacy; methods of imparting information to library users in an academic environment... are you still awake?

    @ Michael - I've already squeezed an extension, so I can't legitimately leave it much longer! It's the last one for the year, so I've just got to stop procrastinating and I'll be FREE for a couple of months!

  7. Lovely figure ..... I'm with Ray on this one. Stuff the assignment!

  8. No!!! I didn't even understand???? LOL!


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