Sunday, January 17, 2016

All Aboard to the Paint Station!

 Huzzah! I finally have got myself a permanent hobby table in our new house!

I'd trialled using the dining table to paint at, then putting everything back in the garage afterwards (as was Mrs. R's preference), but that really didn't cut the mustard. My mother (and then my sister) had been holding on to an old wooden school desk which used to belong to my grandmother. Neither of them had had any use for it but once we bought our new place I was keen to use it for a paint station.

It ticks all the boxes:

  1. It's small. It doesn't dominate the room like my old desk did in the old house. I can have what I'm working on and nothing else. All other hobby gear is stored in the garage (which I plan to convert into the Man Cave once I sort out the assorted detritus stored there after the move.)
  2. It has its own storage. Lift the lid and there's a handy place to keep your paint pots not currently in use, piano wire for head conversions, tools etc.
  3. It's right next to the PC. I can sit at my desk with the computer displaying images from my Pinterest collection, or other useful uniform websites (Also, Mrs. R likes to look at her home economics blogs on the PC while I sit next to her, hobbying away. Awww!)
I haven't really done any hobby related stuff until now as I really found not having a permanent place to work at a real disincentive; unpacking and packing up really killed the mood. I like just working on stuff as the mood takes me, rather than having to plan when I can use a space that is also used by the family for other things. The proof of that is no sooner had I got everything set up the way I like it, I'd embarked on the first project for 2016: converting my new lancers into Neapolitan Chevau-Leger!

Work station: old school desk with my cutting mat on top.
And another gift from my sister: a withdrawn library book on sculpting and casting your own soldiers....
Hmmm, maybe one day!

Paints and tools conveniently stored under the lid.

First cab off the rank: Lancer sporting new head form surplus French infantry.


  1. I do like a bit of multi-functional furniture - just the ticket Sir.

  2. Great stuff - good to see you back in action. Your lancer conversion is rather tasty. I never have the patience for head swaps.

  3. Hurrah for old desks! I had to get mine from the local tip shop.


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