Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wargaming/Modelling on YouTube

I'd never really thought of our hobby as something that would lend itself to the medium of video, but I am proved wrong!

Last week I was pleasantly surprised to have an email from Gary Wright via the Kontactr widget on my blog. Gary has his own YouTube channel Marksman Gaming and produces fillums about his work on 1/72 figures, including, but not restricted to Napoleonic figures. Besides his own YouTube channel, he suggested I take a look at others as well like Blucher1815red (whose work I'm already familiar with through Benno's Forum).

With a definitely individual presentation style, Gary takes us through what's on his workbench and what he's finished and up coming plans. The great thing about his and Blucher1815red's channels are that they both give you a good insight into figure sets that you might be considering buying. You can see the figures from all angles as Gary and Blucher give their thoughts on the figures while giving you an all angles view of the figures, something that PSR can't give you.

I really admire Blucher's painting style and it's interesting to see how he does it.

Here's a couple more wargames oriented channels, too, with a focus on 28mm figures. I'm sure you'll be able to find a channel somewhere which focuses on your own special niche!


  1. Rosbif youtube is full of modelling and painting tips, guides, battle reports, you name it there is something, someone has done, some good, some bad. But thanks for posting these as they are very interesting.

  2. It is certainly a goldmine of information, but there some very odd people out there.


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