Tuesday, October 22, 2013

General de Division Phillipe Antoine Ornano (and friend)

This is my Franco-Italian light cavalry command stand for my Borodino IV Corps project. He'll be in charge of the Italian chasseurs of my last posting as well as the Italian 3rd Chasseurs (yet to come) and the French 9th and 19th Chasseurs from my existing collection.

The general is from the Italeri horse artillery set 6018, while the aide is from the Italeri Imperial General Staff set 6016. I've mentioned before that the aide's original headgear is an odd kepi-looking hat, completely inaccurate and out of place, so I've again replaced it, this time with one of the wonderful heads by Franznap.

I'm hoping these dandies will inspire the division to stirring feats of valour in the plain north of Borodino. Watch out Cossacks; he's got his eye on you!


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