Thursday, October 10, 2013

Deuxième Pistolet Pop!

Here's my second regimental artillery piece for the Borodino project. Again, the gun is a Eureka 15mm Austrian 6lber masquerading as a 20mm 3lber, but the artilleryman is different to the last one. This chap is from the lovely Zvezda set 8028, of which I'll be painting more of soon, but he's had a head mod using the Franznap bonnet de police head. The match between figure and head is perfect; it's like the head were made for this figure!

I'm not sure who he's signalling to as he sights the gun, but I love the commanding way he's waving his hand. Perhaps he's telling the back row to pipe down because he has to concentrate!

Here's both pop-guns side by side with extra added smoke wisp to the original gunner's portfire!


  1. Lovely! The wisp of smoke is a great touch.

  2. Really nice Rosbif, how did you do the smoke? Very convincing!

    1. Thanks Paul! It's just a tiny amount of cotton wool teased out from the blob and glued to the end of the portfire. A bit fiddly, but I like the result!

  3. Nice looking pop guns there Rosbif with a wonderful paint job on them


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