Saturday, February 16, 2013

Screwy Stats, or Ruddy Robots!

According to Blogger's internal stats I've recently passed the 100,000 mark. 'Huzzah!' I hear you say! But wait, gentle reader, as I fear that there's something rotten in the state of Denmark, to quote the Bard.

Above is a screen grab of yesterday's stats, and while I haven't been very busy on the blogging front, as there hasn't been much activity in either gaming or painting recently, my stats have been bumping along nicely with an average of around 150 visits a day over the past week. "All very well and good, there Beefy", I hear you say, "What's the problem?"

The problem, dear reader, is the sources of those stats. Above you'll see that I have received the attentions of an online marketing robot which was banging its head on my blog hoping I'd click the link to find out what it was. Not bloody likely, Jack!

Anyway, I'm a bit leery of Blogger's stats so I won't be celebrating any milestones until my flag counter tells me I've reached the 100 grand mark.

I know others out there have suffered spam robots leaving 'comments' trying to lure suckers to their sites, but so far I seem to have escaped unscathed. Hopefully this isn't the thin end of the wedge!


  1. I got hit like that a couple of months ago, from a Russian cycling club??? Its nice to get hits, but you want them from wargamers not blokes on bikes from Russia!

  2. I have had the same robot visit me since the challenge started but I also failed to click the link and it no longer visits

  3. I find that the Blogger stats and my Sitemeter stats are completely different. I trust and go by what Sitemeter counts.

  4. I agree with Alte Fritz. According to Blogger I was getting nearly 300 hits a day, according to Sitemeter less than 50!

  5. I agree with Der Alte Fritz and Matt and I trust only sitemeter stats!

  6. Yeah I get a lot of crap like this too in my stats, the same 'ontimemarketing' thingy and also 'make-money-writing', annoying but what can you do???


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