Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Italian Horse Guns WIP #2....and Something Else!

Painting progress at Chez Rosbif has been slow what with the warm weather and being back at work, but there has been some progress!

Here's the latest Italian horse gunner using the Zvezda head conversion method.

I also found some of my 25 year old fantasy figures that have been lurking in the shed, unused and unloved. La Petite Rosbif #2 spotted the dragon and requested that I repaint it from its basic, but chipped, gold paintjob to a green, reptilian hue. I also mounted him on a mini-diorama; on a hill with a flame-blasted area in front of him, as if he's been blasting anyone who approaches.

I'm not sure of his provenance, but he comes with saddle and bridle as if there was a rider figure. We never had one. Maybe some of you fantasy game playing types might recognise him and his rider, or at least have some suggestions for a suitable rider?


  1. Sweet gunner,
    It's also always nice to find the old treasures!

  2. Lovely gunner there Rosbif, I also admire your converting talents with your plastic soldiers.

    I think you should put Napoleon himself on it.

    1. LOL!...but that has already been done, come to think of it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temeraire_(series)

  3. The Italian horse gunners are looking very good indeed. I've always thought the Zvezda figures and the Russian artillery set one of the best of the 1/72nd plastics around - if the 28mm plastics makers wanted to know how to put one together they couldn't do better than copying the Zvezda example IMO. Great little dragon - well spotted Petite Rosbif #2!

    BTW - I meant to say on an earlier post how much I enjoyed your Tism clip which I hadn't seen before. Such an awesome original band - wickedly funny, clever lyrics and great music! Great showmen in the 'Skyhooks' tradition!


  4. Excellent work. THis Dragon looks strangely familar

  5. That's a nice Italian - great pose and uniform colors. Best, Dean


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