Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Soviet Command and Forward Observer Bases

 More Soviets for Jimbo!

Yes, there is slow movement on the Eastern front. I've got another artillery base and a heavy machine gun base to come next, then another LMG, more infantry and mortars and an AA base.

The command figures are Plastic Soldier, but the observers are metal of a make that I can't remember. Jim'll let us know I'm sure!

His stipulation for the observers were that they should be based in a mini-diorama, behind some sort of cover. I've arranged them behind an earth bank and bush with a shattered tree. Hope that suits Jim!

'Berlin's that way, you clowns!'

'Hmm, I'd better give him something for his blood pressure'


  1. Great work again and I love the basing especially.

  2. I do like your second base! Really nice work...for the figures too, of course!

  3. Lovely work there , I like the "campaign wife" looking a bit coy.

  4. Nice painting and basing. The dialogue is hilarious! Good work!

  5. the metal figures are britanna figures and very nice too


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