Monday, July 23, 2012

Pirates in September - Royal Marines

As the club is holding it's 2nd annual Pirates in Septemeber meeting soon, I've decided to restart my Royal Marine and Royal Navy landing party so that I can host a scenario that's been kicking around the inside of my skull for the last year or so.

As those of you who may remember, I had a go at scratch building a boat for this scenario, but ran out of puff getting all the figures ready before the first Pirates meet last year. This year I intend to be ready!

Here's the last 2 Royal Marine infantry figures on their way to be completed. I've got an officer and a command stand to go, then finish the redoubt/fort that is the object of the scenario.


  1. Lovely work; I do like the look of the Royal Marines and have often been tempted by a similar project - perhaps stemming from watching to many episodes of Hornblower.

  2. There are a couple of books on Cochrane that might repay study.

    1. Cochrane, Hornblower, Aubrey/Maturin etc etc!

      I'm actually basing it on the exploits of Popham's fleet in 1813 harassing the Galician coast in support of the Spanish guerrilla forces in order to tie down Caffarelli's forces while Wellington concentrated against Jourdan and Joseph during the Vittoria campaign.

      Stay tuned for more!

  3. INteresting project, look forward to hearing more

  4. I agree, interesting project. Very nice figures too.


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