Thursday, July 12, 2012

Guess Where I've Been?

I finally managed to get myself to this magnificent exhibition last night. With la petite Rosbifs at their grandmother's for the last few days of the school holidays, Madame Rosbif and I went to the National Gallery of Victoria here in Melbourne  for a bit of a date night and to absorb some French culture and history.

It certainly didn't disappoint! It covers the period from the last days of the Ancien Regime to Napoleon's exile to and death in St Helelna, with each period illustrated by paintings, etchings, period artefacts and video installations. Each room is devoted to one particular period such as the Revolution, Directory, Egypt campaign, Consulate etc, etc. with a wealth of objects and images illustrating each. 

Obviously my favourites were the last couple of rooms which covered the Empire period from his coronation to his downfall. It holds a wealth of items from uniforms and weapons belonging to such luminaries Ney, Davout and Massena, to jewellery belonging to Joshephine, Hortense and Marie-Louise, Napoleon's travelling toiletries kit, Eugene's diamond encrusted signet ring etc. etc.

The chap on the right was included in the exhibition. Image from Musee de l'Emperi (Salon-de-Provence

Murat in all his tight pants glory! Painting by Gerard

If you're a Napoleonic buff here in Australia, or can afford a trip here, you can't miss this amazing collection of paintings and artefacts here all under the one roof at the same time. Come and see it while you can 

Below: Two short films from the exhibition website presented by the curator of Versaille


  1. I'm sure you had a very nice trip! Looking very nice anyway...

  2. ooooooo this looks like a lot of fun!!! I trust Mrs Rosbif had as much fun as you?????

  3. If I was not on the othervside of the globe I would go... Sounds like good one! BTW... How are we supposed to guess if you tell us before we get to the "post comment" button? ;-)

  4. I'm so jealous! I love a good traveling exhibit and one that is military history focused is so much the better. Did you come away inspired to paint even more than before?

  5. Great stuff, I've seen a lot of Napoleonic art in the Louvre and Musée de l'Armée but never concentrated like this. Man do I hate those tights, maybe that's what Ray's suggesting the missus liked about the exhibition? ;-)

  6. That looks absolutely wonderful and I know how much you were looking forward to it; very envious indeed.

  7. Great that you got there Ben. They have put together a really good mix, haven't they. Did you like the painting of Regensbery/Ratisbon?

  8. Thanks for sharing, I'm very jealous! :)


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