Sunday, June 24, 2012

300 Posts!

It's that one 3rd from the right, 6 rows back.
Yes, this is my 300th post!

Numbers 100 and 200 seem to have slipped me by, so I thought I should mark the occasion this time. I was going to just show some WIP of my Roman cavalry, but as this blog is supposed to be about my Napoleonic collection I thought I should do something relating to the topic.

It is high time to display my entire collection of Napoleonic 1/72 figures in all their glory and how better to do that than by having them face off against each other?!

My French and Allied contingent

Dragoons and French infantry

Legere and artillery line

Legere in skirmish order

Light cavalry


Line Infantry

British and Allies

Rifles taking on their French counterpars

Artillery and infantry on the ridgeline!

British infantry

Spanish infantry (This is how I'm going to use them from now on;: massed in columns!)

One big block of Spanish infantry!


Walloon Guards

Dragoons of Sagunto

Portuguese infantry

Highland general

Line officer


The thin red line: 3rd (Buffs) and the 71st Glasgow Highland Light Infantry

92nd Gordon Highland Regiment

The two armies facing off


  1. Congrats mate, great collection and still a very good blog! Up to the next 300!

  2. Congrats, I wish you to stay on the top for your 300 next posts!
    And long live to your spanish needs some encouragements!

  3. Congratulations. Good to see the entire collection getting an outing.

  4. A very impressive display Rosbif. Well done on hitting 300 too.

  5. A good mark and a wonderful colelction. I like your Spanish units and I hope they will win always (with a little help of the British of course)

  6. Congrats on the milestone Rosbif and a lovely collection of Naps :)

  7. Congrats on the 300 posts that's some fine work!! Great looking figures as well, love the yellow of the Spanish Dragoons, they really stand out!!

  8. Hearty congrats on you achievement. Excellent looking Napoleonic action going on too. Best, Dean

  9. 300 posts to the good my friend and I am glad to followed and read them too, a big congratulations there. Also I love the pictures of your troops and the Spanish cavalry look amazing. Bravo and Well Meet

  10. congrat my friend!! 300?? Now I finally know the joy of blogging.

    May you have many many more 300 in the coming year!!

    Warm regards to you and your family,

    Ben and Jen.

  11. HUZZAH! What a way to celebrate.

  12. Congrats on the 300 mark, and impressive collection of figs!



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