Thursday, April 7, 2011

Velites of the Guard

Here's the latest offering from my painting table; the Velites of the Italian Royal Guard.

I've used figures from HaT's 8220 1808-12 French Light Inf Carabiniers kit. While they're not technically correct for guard troops (they have the hussar-style short legged gaiters) I love the animation of this set. The shading is, as ever, Army Painter Dark.

As we've just started daylight savings here in the Southern Hemisphere, and daylight hours beginning to wane, the photos were taken indoors with poor lighting, so some were taken with the flash while some weren't. Excuse the quality while I figure out the best way to take indoor pics!

I'm hoping to give them a run with the other Italian Guard elements this Friday. Hopefully they'll do better than last time!

In attack column (no flash) .

In line

Officer showing contempt to the enemy, hand on hip!

Attack column (with flash)


  1. Very nice, the dip works really well on white!

  2. Another group of dangerous Latin types! Any Neapolitans in the pipeline?

  3. Excellent brushwork. Good to see you at Bennos :-D

  4. I agree with Paul ;-)

    And as I am a big fan of Nappie figures I like your blog!


  5. Thanks all!

    @Conrad - To paraphrase King Ferdinand when asked his opinion on new uniforms for the Neapolitan army "Dress them in green, blue or pink, the buggers'll still run away!". I've already got Spanish troops, so I don't think I'll invest all the effort into painting another army that can't fight! However, Spanish vs. Neapolitans...hmmm :-)

    @Paul & Peter - Thanks for the welcome to Benno's! Don't know why it took me so long to find it.

  6. M. Rosbif
    If you are planning to use them tonight we'll see how they fare against Russian 12 pounders!

  7. @Tim - We'll see, Tim; we'll see! If you've got 12lbers, then I might be steering them away from that sector of the battlefield!

    @Killy - Thanks, glad you like.


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